Explore the Many Activities the Root River Has to Offer

One of the many goals of the Root River Council is to get people of all ages outdoors, promoting personal growth, group cooperation and environmental stewardship through experiences on the river and pathways. During the year we sponsor some really great events but we invite you, your family or even companies to take part in some of the fun and challenging activities the Root River has to offer.


Annual Root River Public Paddle

This year brought another great Annual Root River Spring Paddle. This fun family event featured a river to lake paddle from Island Park to the Racine Yacht Club, where paddlers of all ages joined together for fun on the river and a scrumptious spaghetti dinner. What for next year’s event and sign up during Spring registration as spots are limited.


The Root River offers adventure for everyone. First-time and seasoned canoe and kayak enthusiasts will delight in this hidden gem. Depending on the season, the Root River can offer visitors a relaxing meander through parkland and urban settings, or provide a Class II+ challenge to experienced kayakers.




Over 4 miles, the Root River Pathway winds through urban parklands linking a forested bird sanctuary to Racine’s downtown. Colonial Park offers many trails traversing hardwood forests, riparian and prairie habitats. A walk further downstream takes visitors through Island and Riverside Parks.




The Root River basin in Racine is home to Washington Park Golf Course which remains the oldest golf course on record within city limits. This nine hole course offers visitors a serene outing with easy access to city-life and takes players over the river several times with access from the Root River Pathway.




The Root River is a major tributary to Lake Michigan. This quiet river boasts world-class trout and salmon fishing, and hosts perch, bass, and pike among others. Whether fishing from the banks, in-stream, on the ice, or in a boat, sportsmen will delight in this quiet urban refuge and find success all four seasons.




Racine, WI has been recognized as a ‘Bird City’ by BIRD CITY Wisconsin and associated partners. As part of this prestigious designation, Racine has led efforts to preserve bird habitat, foster educational programs, and remove hazards. The Root River plays a critical role in providing adequate habitat.



The Root River Pathway uses a combination of off-road trail and on-road route to form a crescent around the City of Racine. The trail closely follows the bends of the Root River, making it a great place to appreciate the waterway’s natural beauty. The trail provides adventure and education for all levels of biking.