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Bird Watching


Take a leisurely stroll along the Root River or capitalize on one of many oportunitties to learn about Wisconsin and migratory birds.

Birding along the Root River

Racine, WI has been recognized as a ‘Bird City’ by BIRD CITY Wisconsin and associated partners. As part of this prestigious designation, Racine has led efforts to preserve bird habitat, foster educational programs, and remove hazards. The Root River plays a critical role in providing adequate habitat. With its dense riparian foliage and easy access to the shores of Lake Michigan, the Root River serves as a major migration route and year round sanctuary for our feathered neighbors.

Bird Watching Tips:

It is important to use a good pair of binoculars to view the many unique and subtle characteristics needed to identify the species of a particular bird. Many avid bird watchers carry a pencil and checklist containing the names of species recorded in a particular area or region. Most parks and refuges and sanctuaries provide checklists specific to their area for free or a a nominal fee.

If you are an amateur, it is most helpful to have a bird guide book handy during your bird watching expedition. Study the guide and the checklist prior to your bird watching session. Once you are familiar with the species recorded in the area and those which have occurrences during the season you are in the field, it will help make identification of a particular species much easier.

When looking at a bird, pay close attention the following characteristics:

  • Color
  • Size
  • Shape
  • Wing and Head Markings

The Root River area offers a surprising large diversity of birds. Recently there are 344 species of birds recorded and even though some have been lost to extinction, it is not uncommon for a species to show up that has not yet been recorded. The large variety and potential for new sightings helps to keep the local bird watching community excited and coming back.

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