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Whether you are an experienced fisherman or a family desiring to make a memory, you can have success fishing the waters of the beautiful Root River.

Fishing the Root

The Root River is a major tributary to Lake Michigan. This quiet river boasts world-class trout and salmon fishing, and hosts perch, bass, and pike among others. The WI DNR operates the Root River Steelhead facility in Lincoln Park and provides seasonal fishing updates. During the spawning season, the Root River fills up with avid anglers from around the world, and fishermen find solace and success on the Root River through all four seasons. Whether fishing from the banks, in-stream, on the ice, or in a boat, sportsmen will delight in this quiet urban refuge.

Quick Facts:

Best Time of Day to Fish: Early Am to Late PM

Best Stretch: Lincoln Park and next to Wier Collection Facility

Best Access Point: Lincoln Park

Fish Species: Lake Run Brown Trout, Steelhead, Pacific Salmon

Fishing Season: Spring and Fall

Recommended fly fishing leader: 9 Foot Leader

Recommended fly fishing tippet: OX Tippet

Best fly fishing rod: 9′ 8 Weight Fly Rod

Best floating fly line: Salmon/Steelhead WF Fly Line

Root River Steelhead Facility

Lake Michigan trout and salmon don’t successfully reproduce in Wisconsin streams, so DNR gives Mother Nature a hand. Watch fisheries crews collect eggs and milt from spawning fish to create the next generation of steelhead to challenge anglers on the big pond. The facility was built in 1992-93 to help the Wisconsin DNR more effectively manage Lake Michigan’s trout and salmon fishery. Each fall and spring, migrating chinook salmon, coho salmon, brown trout and rainbow trout (steelhead) enter the streams as part of their spawning ritual.

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Steelhead Facility